There have been worse run chases

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By England. This week.

It’s always tempting to lay into England when they lose, but we’re going to resist today. We slagged them off for their hollow-skulled approach against India, but this was fairly respectable in its own way.

You don’t have time to overcome too many obstacles in Twenty20. Get your ankle caught in the cargo net and you might as well just stay there until the awards ceremony. England conceded enough runs to lose and then merrily donated the Windies a double wicket maiden in the first over of their chase. This was rather like getting caught in the cargo net and then losing your shorts while extricating yourself.

The next nine overs therefore saw bottomless England waddling along with their hands covering their genitals. Eoin Morgan isn’t shy, though. He arrived immediately before the 11th over with the score reading 55-3 and promptly ran around with it all on display.

England lost, but not by too much. We don’t yet know whether net run rate will play a part in the Super Eights, but Morgan’s obscene knock deserves to have had a purpose.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Jonny Bairstow’s limited-overs England career: 41*, 4, 3, 35, 9, 2, 2*, 22*, 60*, 3, 29, 15, 4, 12, 1, 18.

  2. Yea you are right but I think that England should have included Kevin Petersen He is certainly a match winner and England the last title because of him.In his absence the English are suffering a lot and now they utterly rely on Eoin Morgan I mean somebody have to take responsibility with Morgan to finish off things.

    1. This is increasingly like some post-modern comment on the dreariness and predictability of modern opinion.

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