They’re going to broadcast county cricket in Asia

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The ECB have sold the rights to broadcast county cricket in Asia for about £135m. It seems oddly vague to talk about ‘Asia’ in this way. It’s an entire continent. We can’t imagine people in Japan or Mongolia are particularly interested in Arul Suppiah’s back foot defence right now, but hopefully they’ll learn to appreciate it over time.

Adjusting to the tempo of county cricket isn’t easy, so we wrote a guide for ESPN Cricinfo. It’s ESPN who’ve bought the rights, incidentally.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Well; ITV4 show the IPL. I suppose County Cricket will be watched by &/or interest a similar proportion of the population in “Asia”.

  2. With the increase in Asian viewers, will this bring a rise in illegal gambling and if so, how can I get on in it? Daddy needs shoes

    1. Alan Richardson to bowl an intentional no-ball in the 56th over of the third day at Derby.

    2. What will happen, O well turned out one, is that literally millions of Indian cricket fans who get hooked on the county championship will search the internet for information, and will thus end up here (via Count Cricket’s County Cricket slot). This is where the illegal betting action will be – on the lucrative blog-betting markets.

      Look out for rogue apostrophes, spelling mistakes, and the shock reappearance of long lost bloggers from the distant past. Dead givaeway’s.

    3. Jesus wept, If I could remember my login, I’d even contemplate starting again, just so that I can get on the action. Alas, I can’t see any county cricket from dat dere Dublin.

  3. Do ESPN already do a lot of cricket on the telly and is it ok? Do I have to worry about looking for dodgy streams of Yorkshire matches only to hear Danny Morrison announce the “KAY PEE AITCH!” of every ball in a Steve Patterson spell? “The Glamorgan Dragons have just taken their Maxwell House tactical time out Ravi.” “I think that’s just a drinks break Danny”.

  4. Arul Suppiah is Malaysian, so he might garner some interest over here. His world record T20 figures got some decent press coverage…

  5. The dulcet tones of Danny Morrison commentating on a CC match. I can’t wait.

    “And that’s another sensational dot ball from Toby Roland-Jones. The boys in white are piling on heaps of pressure with the ball.

    “Unbelievable… the next ball is nudged past point for a scurried single. Tremendous shot there under pressure from Mark Chilton for the… other boys in white. It’s now 68-4 at the end of the 32nd over.”

    1. …or perhaps he should have said

      “a sensational Hero Honda dot ball there…”


      “an Airtel nudge past point for one…”

    2. Need a guy to shill shamelessly for all your sponsors in a hideously enthusiastic, over-the-top fashion? Danny Morrison’s your man.

  6. Who else could appreciate Steve Harmison’s county championship return (first game since July 2011) as much as Asia?
    And who else could shake off 65 off 11 overs as just rust?

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