We made up a word and Wisden published it

Joe Root (via England Cricket Twitter video)

The word is ‘schedusfaction’ and it means ‘satisfaction with the scheduling of a cricket tour’. We didn’t realise the world had use for such a word until this summer.

England are about to play a Test series against India. You may be aware of this and that might be because the two teams have already warmed up by playing each other in progressively longer formats.

This arrangement – limited overs first – is great for the narrative of the tour. It means the Test stories have a head start and you don’t have to go through quite so much of that time-consuming character development stuff.

Here’s the Wisden piece.

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12 Appeals

  1. “Satisduling” surely reads and sounds better as English?

    • schedusfaction sounds like a German word, schadunfaction ?

      • Schadenfaction: not quite “pleasure” as a result of another’s misfortune, but a lesser sensation of being mildly content or replete.

        Meanwhile “schedusfaction” might be the thing that Mick Jagger is unable to get (if we accept that his double negative is intended to mean the negative), once his teeth have started to rot away and his singing becomes correspondingly slurrey.

  2. Wow! A word inventor! Like Shakespeare, or Wee Jimmy Krankee.

    I wish I could invent a word, but I fear I am nowhere near fulsimulent enough.

  3. Sounds like a splinter group of the Baader-Meinhof Gang, 

  4. There should be plenty of reblognition for today’s effort.

  5. What an eloquacious lot we all are,

  6. The three week gap at the end of July is a bit rubbish.

  7. Do you pronounce that “shedusfaction” like the Brits or “skedusfaction” like the Americans?

    • King Cricket

      July 23, 2018 at 7:53 am

      Good question. The former so that it sounds like you’ve got a Dutch accent.

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