West Indies are better than Pakistan

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This post title policy will come to a crashing halt should England lose to Australia today.

An odd and absorbing match at the Oval, where only Misban-ul-Haq and the Jam Shed managed to score more than six runs in Pakistan’s innings. Misbah’s 96 not out was exactly the kind of innings he specialises in. Almost exclusively a foulweather batsman, when the going’s good, he barely gets started, but when wickets are tumbling, he appears unbeatable.

West Indies innings was a halting affair and they perhaps benefited from having something to aim for. If they’d been setting a target, they could well have been bowled out for far less. Then again, having few runs to defend often seems to focus the minds of Pakistan’s bowlers and with a giant, a mystery spinner and a fast bowler in their ranks, they have an intriguing attack.

Saeed Ajmal was Saeed Ajmal; Wahab Riaz may not actually have been bowling at 150km/h as the speedgun indicated, but he was quick; while Mohammad Irfan brings the frisson of excitement that he might at any moment grow weary with the human race and decide to destroy us all.

We don’t appear to have mentioned the West Indies much in this update. The team playing against Pakistan always appears somewhat incidental, even when they win the match.


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  1. Seeing Irfan bowl slightly short of a length and managing to get the ball up around Gayle’s throat was a beautiful sight.
    No mention of Ramdin trying to pull a Ponting?

  2. In this condition they are better than Pakistani team but if you are talking according to potential they are not better than Pakistani team. In West-Indies and Pakistan’s cricket match the played better than Pak therefore they will get confidence more than Pak team.

  3. ramdin has been charged with ungentlemanly conduct or something… but is still denying it. legless man attempting to stand, anyone..?

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