A cricket bat in an unusually HORRIFYING place

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Oh shit, oh shit. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

This is quite simply the worst picture of all time.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, get it away, get it away, get it away

We are properly terrified of dead animals. We can’t stress this enough.

Show us a grizzly bear and we’ll be scared. Show us a dead grizzly bear and we will crap our pants and continue crapping our pants until it’s removed from sight. Sometimes if we see a bird and it stays still for a bit too long, we get frightened.

Stuffed animals are far and away the worst. It’s the thought that they might move. They never do, but that’s the worst part. They’re frozen with that ominous potential for movement. It’s so menacing.

Thanks to Maria for the picture. It was taken at The Inn at Whitewell, near Clitheroe. Maria says that it’s a really nice place, which it clearly – CLEARLY – isn’t.

So, to reiterate: this fox and this cricket bat – they constitute the worst picture of all time.

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  1. The only way this could be more horrifying is if it was a cat holding a bat and there was some moronic caption along the lines of “I iz playing a cover drivez”

  2. You’re right KC – that’s truly horrible. Just look at the gap between bat and pad. How does he expect to keep anything out like that?

    And, what proportion of the fox community is left handed?

  3. Has regulation stump height changed since then? They look like remarkably tall stumps if you put them in relation to where the knee-roll on the batsman’s pad is, and the wicketkeepers pads.

    Jesus, Hawkeye would have even the shortest pitched of bouncers clipping the bails on those pillars.

  4. Any taxidermy, anywhere, in whatever context, always makes me think of that episode of “That’s Life” with the white cat. You know the one.

  5. That’s Life. Phalloid vedgetables. Esther’s choppers when laughing at said flora.

    THOSE are scary images.

  6. ewww. taxidermies are scarier. but I’m more scared of taxidermiSTS to be perfectly honest.
    poor fox

  7. hasnt anyone seen ‘the fantastic mr. fox?

    he is very obviously playing whackbat.

  8. to shed some light on this… the Inn at Whitewell was run by former Yorkshire cricketer Richard Bowman and was a traditional ‘shooting hunting fishing’ establishment it housed many antique stuffed animals, I didnt much like them myself but they belonged in their eccentric english environment at whitewell (which is as the person who sent you the pic said)a really nice place

    1. Thanks for that. How did you end up here, by the way? Were you looking for pictures of dead foxes with cricket bats?

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