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It’s a final. We’re happy to do a preview for a final.


Other than Jimmy Anderson, England’s other seamers have been at best mediocre. India’s haven’t been as good as Jimbo, but they have at least had their moments.

Spin-wise, James Tredwell has been a faintly-pudgy, slapped back superhero, but India can boast the mastery of Our Aswhin (at least that’s how we hear his name) as well as the seriously-how-does-he-get-wickets pragmatism of Ravindra Jadeja.


It’s sort of been working for England, but they’re very much making do with what they’ve got. They’ve got a decent sprint finish, but they can’t really sustain a high run-rate over a longer period. It’s a polarised batting approach – we’ll use that word again.

India have got extra gears at their disposal, the use of which would put England out of the running. Even if they don’t exactly explode, there are enough high quality batsmen that we can’t see them failing to make a decent total.

In conclusion

Should there be a match (and there won’t be – it’s going to rain all day) then swing for Jimmy Anderson would give England a fighting chance, but no more than that. If he can dispose of the openers and perhaps even a fragment of the middle-order, India will be somewhat stymied for a time, which might bring the target into reach (or keep it out of easy reach).

If there’s no swing, India should win.


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  1. Very disappointing big match preview, KC.

    I was expecting descriptions of various different types of cloud: Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Cirrostratus, Altostratus,
    Altocumulus, Nimbostratus, Stratus, Stratocumulus
    Cumulus, Cumulonimbus

    Plus descriptions of various different types of rain.

    What use is KC’s preview today?

  2. hahaha (he laughed mirthlessly). you can see why so many sportsmen/-women/ fans are superstitious… i was following this via cricinfo, england were well behind, then morgan and bopara got them on top, and at that point i put the radio commentary on – in time to hear sharma take two wickets in two balls. ah well, never mind eh

  3. to be fair, india were the form team of the tournament and you can’t really argue with their ending up as undefeated winners… it just looked for a while there as if… anyway.

    ho hum, bring on the aussies and let’s get the real stuff underway

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