A cricket jumper in an episode of Seinfeld

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George Costanza would bowl Ian Blackwell-esque flat, non-spinning spin. He would bat at number nine and make regular 20s but never pass 50.

George Costanza would frequently be involved in run outs.

George Costanza would spend a lot of time off the field with the team doctor in the mistaken belief that he was suffering from lupus.

George Costanza would play in some of the more obscure T20 franchise competitions under the name “Art Vandelay.”

George Costanza would be a mankad specialist.

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  1. The Bumrah run out at the end of the ill-fated Indian second innings, last night, had the air of situation comedy about it.

    Interesting jumper. I thought I detected I Zingari colours. On checking, I think I might have spotted that right:


    I am no expert on Seinfeld, having been television-less through the 1990s, but I’m guessing that Jerry and George might well have been the Sir Spencer Ponsonby-Fane and Richard Penruddocke Long of their East Coast USA wandering cricket club.

    1. I only watched a bit on the second day, I think, when Bumrah and Umesh Yadav were bowling, but I hear the Indians got told off last night for shouting “two” when the New Zealanders were taking a single, which is of course something I would do all the time if I played cricket.

  2. Kramer would be an out-and-out fast and somewhat inconsistent bowler, but definitely batting at 11.

  3. In other news…such a shame for the Thai Women who batted beautifully this morning to set an unlikely chase of 151 for Pakistan. The rain did for them and might yet do for several other teams in that tournament, not least England if it rains in New South Wales for several days, as threatened.


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