A dog who may or may not look like Ben Stokes

Edwardian writes: “I think my dog looks like Ben Stokes, especially in the eyebrows department. The difference between Stokes and my dog is that Digger is tucked up in his bed by 10pm every night.”

Edwardian later added: “Digger is a rescue dog (I’ve had him for three months) and is incredibly laid back despite his previous circumstances. However, since originally sending the photo, he had a nip at a passing jogger so perhaps he is developing Stokesian traits.”

We’re sure Digger had very good reasons for taking action. The only question that remains is whether he carried on the nipping for a bit too long.

Actually, no, there is another question – why is he named after former Lancashire opening bowler Peter Martin?

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16 Appeals

  1. Your dog does not look like Ben Stokes, Edwardian.

    Nor does he resemble his namesake, Peter Martin.

    He looks like Glenn Chappell for goodness sake:

  2. No no no. He looks like Steven Finn. Come on. Tell me you can see it. Round the eyes I tell you.

  3. Have to disagree with the esteemed commentators above. Those are bona fide (suspect both of those words could be turned into dog puns) Stokesque eyebrows.

  4. Huzzah! We now have a bowling coach with a test average in the 40s to go with a batting coach with a test average in the 20s.

  5. I’m afraid that this Stokesian behaviour is starting to reach epidemic proportions.

    It seems that Dumbo must have got into an altercation yesterday while parked in my street. His injuries were sustained on the pavement side, so one can only assume the altercation was with a person (or a weapon yielded by a person) rather than another vehicle.


    There might well have been good reason for the altercation at the start, but given the extent of Dumbo’s injuries, I think we can deduce that pugilism went too far, for too long.

    • Can Stokes (or Edwardian’s dog for that matter) account for their whereabouts at or around the time of the incident in question?

  6. “Not drinking between matches is just sensible,” Bayliss told the BBC.

    Does that mean players will be drinking DURING matches?

    • And smoking pipes, hopefully. As a postscript to the Digger scenario, he is completely indifferent to play. In fact a tennis ball rolled in his direction completely perplexes him, so much so that he runs off and hides behind the van. He refuses to catch anything, even an easy dolly catch of a bit of bacon or a bicuit. He’s a mystery, but a lovely dog.

    • King Cricket

      November 2, 2017 at 12:19 pm

      That’s almost word for word a line from Friday’s Cricket Badger, AP.

      Guess Ed knows where to look if he needs to replace us.

  7. I was just listening to a recording of the following, which made me think about Stokes, Mbargo and how wonderful The Specials could be:


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