A new low for cricket – a new low for the world

This represents so much of what’s wrong with the world.

You can’t even see the full horror from that. We saw it because it had been retweeted by Michael Vaughan.

‘Look, England’s cricketers like footy! They’re playing footy! They’re having pens!’

And just look at them all. Just look at their gleeful footy-playing faces. Just look at their footy-playing attire.

Jos Buttler has a cap on backwards. Other players are wearing hi-vis tabards – sponsored hi-vis tabards, no less.

For pens.

For footy.

If some dark-minded warlock felt moved to create the physical manifestation of ‘banter’, this would be it.

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33 Appeals

  1. Bet they all had a pint each of crap watery lager afterwards as well.

    Incidentally I am stealing and using that last line.

  2. Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning.

    PS I’ve done a bit of proper cricket journalism. Click it if you like that sort of thing. Warning: it’s not funny.


    • Still the home of corks; it is merely the projectile element of Champagne-bottle-opening that has been prohibited.

      Not sure whether this is health and safety gone mad, political correctness gone mad, both or neither.

      Still, Daisy and I will be there today. We’ll be sitting roughly where I sat with KC and my other non-conformist mates, drinking screw-top still wine or beer opened in the KC party-trick stylee, earlier in the season. Slummers.

  3. Never understood cricketers playing football to warm up for cricket.

    Never understood:

    “Her name is Egg Monroe, she’s older.”

    Happy face punctuation.

    • King Cricket

      August 26, 2016 at 11:31 pm

      Now there’s a reference.

      Never let it be said that the comments on this website aren’t easy-to-follow and with broad appeal.

    • help please

      • I think it must be code, like ‘John has a long moustache’ for the D-Day landings or ‘Broadsword calling Danny Boy’ I could be wrong of course

      • You can look her up on FaceBook, she is from Poland and her catch phrase is “her names egg monroe shes older”.

        I think someone thought her punctuation wasn’t up to scratch?

      • King Cricket

        August 28, 2016 at 10:10 am

        We remember it as a recurring comment on UK:Resistance.

      • Soz chaps. I’d just come off holiday and perhaps forgot myself. UK:R used to be my one-stop-shop for things I could do without actually working. Gary was God!

  4. MS Dhoni: It was an amazing game. We couldn’t have expected more from the batting unit. The last ball, the thinking was right but the execution was wrong. Everything is judged by execution.

  5. Wait – it’s not even a new low! They’ve done it before! Despair-inducing times.

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