Andy Flintoff reinstated as Hero Number One

It’s his last Test, so we’re going back to calling him ‘Andy’. That’s what he always used to be, before the media started calling him ‘Andrew’ and then ‘Freddie’.

Andy is a good, functional name. It gets the job done. It’s the kind of name you’d be happy to buy a pint for, knowing you’d get one back next time you were a bit strapped for cash. It’s the kind of name that can help you out with the electrics because you’re scared of them, thinking you’ll kill yourself even when the power’s off.

We’ve reinstated Flintoff as Hero Number One for reasons unrelated to any of that though. We’re doing it because he said the following:

“You talk about momentum – it seems to be the buzzword of the minute – but this is a one-off Test match.”

Test cricketer renounces momentum. It’s a good day.

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9 Appeals

  1. Horay for reinstation, hes not “King cricket” tho only lara ever had that acolade.

  2. KC – are you Brian Lara?

  3. King Cricket

    August 19, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    String is right.

    We only adopted the moniker because we couldn’t be bothered correcting people every five minutes.

    Over the years, lots of significant things have happened to us because we couldn’t be bothered doing something or other.

  4. Personally, I don’t really like it that much when people call me Andy – has anyone ever asked Flintoff what his preferred moniker is?

  5. There is only one Hero No. 1

    Mind it.

    Flintoff can be his no. 2

  6. I also have an aversion to Andy (rumour has it The Australian’s real name may or not be Andrew). It rhymes with Pandy. And Handy. It is tainted.

    I reckon he’d go for Super Fred as a moniker. Who wouldn’t? He probably hums the song to himself. Who wouldn’t?

  7. It’s not a very hummable tune, the Super Fred Song.

    Nor is the Barmy Army Song.

    Such songs are stronger on lyrics than tune, poor little darlings that they are, I’m starting to feel sorry for them rather than irritated by them.

  8. Well, he rejected momentum because it was with Aussies.

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