Andy Flower’s review of the England Lions tour

Andy Flower (via YouTube)

“The Tour has allowed us to learn a great deal about the players….”

That’s good. Learning is good. Knowledge is power and all that.

“… but the results are obviously extremely disappointing.”

Imagine how you’d feel having Andy Flower express his disappointment in you.

Andy Flower strikes us as being a man who is highly capable of conveying his disappointment in a person.

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3 Appeals

  1. It would be fun to get hold of the KP – Flower conversations.

  2. Presumably, A Flower and Eng Lions have learned a great deal about one player in particular, namely J Warrican.

    Warrican – that’s a geordie offering someone a beer. No doubt some pretty robust celebrations in the WI A dressing room after those heroics. Jomel, Warrican?

    No thanks, I don’t drink.

  3. At least the team that the Lions lost to were not good enough to play for the team who beat the UAE.

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