Supporting an Australian who’s seemingly willing to defect

The Barmy Army are playing Australia’s Fanatics tomorrow. Among the Barmy Army team is, somewhat inexplicably, The Australian, who seems destined to be ‘The Australian’ even when involved in a cricket match featuring a whole team of his kinsmen.

You can sponsor him and implicitly condone his defection here. Money goes to Cardiac Risk in the Young.

Apologies to the two dozen people who’ve asked us to help promote their charity matches this year who we’ve let down. We assure you it’s not favouritism, it’s purely our poor memory and the overly rapid turnover in our inbox during the Ashes.

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3 Appeals

  1. It’s only fitting that the Barmy Army emulates the national team by importing players…

  2. I cant wait for the Oval…….farewell to freddie…..

  3. And the English always import players from SA…..

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