Overly dramatic headline of the week

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The BBC go with “Strauss makes Ashes rallying call”.

England’s captain is geeing up the troops with fist-pumping lines such as:

“You have to earn the right to be on top in a match and that is why what we did at Headingley was a bit of shocker. We have learnt our lessons. It’s vital we make sure we do the basics right.”

Struggling to restrain his adrenaline-fuelled team, he continued with:

“We can take a lot of confidence from the fact that we are at 1-1. There is no reason for us to be negative.”

It’s just like that scene from Braveheart.


  1. I don’t recall Brearley making fist-pumping rallying calls either.

    I don’t recall fist-pumping-style captains of the Botham & Flintoff variety winning much test match either.

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