Cricket headline of the week

From the BBC website: “Bresnan ready for Flintoff battle”

Tim Bresnan must be getting feisty. Wonder what he’s said about Flintoff.

“He’s well within his rights to walk straight back into the team on his past performances and what he has done.”

Yep. Timmy Bresnan’s ready for battle all right. He’s got his armour on, sharpened his sword and asked Flintoff if he could possibly take his coat and would he maybe like a sherry and no it wouldn’t be too much trouble, not at all Mr Flintoff, sir.

Bresnan adds:

“I will be working hard to retain my place.”

Hold on to your hats people. This is personal.

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3 Appeals

  1. Wow, this is going to be like The War of The Roses part deux.

    The penines will be rumbling under the weight of this mammoth battle.

  2. Anagrams of people’s names might be funny at first, but the idea does wear a bit thin after a while.

    That said, I have an anagram.

    This one is different, though, as it will settle this selection battle before it gets started.

    Tim Bresnan = Bent Arm Sin

    The cheating Yorkshire bastard.

  3. re allrounders
    Can I make a bold prediction. Shane Watson will break down before the First Test, so the ginger genius will definitely play.

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