Ask the ‘expert’: How do you keep your flannels so immaculate?

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Suave writes:

I would like to ask how he keeps his flannels so immaculate? Being a fellow suave fella, I need to know these things, so I can look impeccable whilst missing a straight one.

While Jo-Fitz asks the same question, adding:

Is this done by his valet/butler or does he have a bespoke professional service?

Over the years I have refined this process to something of an art. I use a three-pronged approach.

(1) Ensure you possess many sets of cream flannels. I would recommend 400 outfits as a bare minimum.

(2) Carry out a thorough recruitment process to ensure you get the right calibre of loyal manservant.

(3) Regularly admonish said loyal manservant to keep him on his toes. Whether it’s warranted or not, a good bellow in a chap’s face builds character. It’s a give-take relationship. Give bellows to the face and take immaculate cream flannels off him each morning.

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  1. The advice, as always, is crystal clear. Many thanks, Lawrence.

    In the current economic climate, it ought to become a wee bit easier to find manservants of the right calibre too.

    I have done some valeting myself, in my time, but that is another story all together.

  2. Four hundred outfits – I am truly in awe.
    And can I ask you Mr Elderbrook, if you were to squire a young lady, say to the opera, would you still wear cream flannels?

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