Australia’s worst losing streak of all time

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Having lost to Sri Lanka in the first one-day international, Australia are now on their worst losing streak of all time. Admittedly, we have discounted a few of their wins to reach that conclusion, but it still counts.

Sri Lanka were 107-8 chasing 240 for victory and still won. The sensible and gracious thing to do would be to laud Angelo Mathews and Lasith Malinga and their 132-run ninth wicket partnership.

That is not what we will be doing.

We instead choose to laud an Australia team that can now pride itself on its ability to lose from ANY POSITION.

It was inevitable that Australian cricket would fall into this state because of its feeble domestic structure that doesn’t prepare players for international cricket.

Australian administrators should add another dozen first-class teams, better diluting the talent pool.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. The world has completed its total about-turn. Fifth in the world at cricket, rubbish at football, a possible champion F1 driver, and the current World Snooker Champion. Aussies – welcome to the sporting world of the mid-nineties Englishman.

    You watch – they’ll be sitting up all night watching their curling team at the next Winter Olympics.

  2. We played like dicks.

    (that’s a lower case ‘d’ by the way)

    Too much half track rubbish from Siddle and Hastings in particular. What ever happened to fast, full and straight bowling to the tail?

    Oh and Bert, don’t even start me on the domestic talent pool we have in curling. Our senior mens team picked up bronze in the world championships in April, at the same time as one of our other mens teams picked up Bronze in the pacific internationals.

  3. Australian domestic curling is a conveyor belt of talent, producing both chuckers and scrubbers ready-made for the international game. We could learn a lot from them.

  4. Babes, curling rocks. Too bad you don’t realize this very simple, easily recognized fact. (I admit that when it comes to curling, I am 100% Swedish.)

    I’ll just say this: if any the Australian cricketers — but in particular their Captain(s) — had half the balls and brains of Swedish curling Skipper Anette Norberg, Australia wouldn’t be such a sorry mess right now.

    Of course, it doesn’t exactly help that Australia has the stupidest selectors alive. But still …

  5. & to top it all they haven’t met Paul Allott. Which explains the abject misery of the subject of the photograph.

  6. Send a selector on each tour but never drop players out of form or promote those in form. You’re well out of it, Merv.

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