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Okay, your job’s pretty rubbish, but at least you’re not South Africa captain during a World Cup

Faf du Plessis (via ICC video)
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You can’t blame AB de Villiers for his breath-takingly egocentric last minute bid to play in the World Cup – he’s just continuing to explore what’s possible in cricket

AB de Villiers (via Sky Sports)
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What score should we give that mad Ben Stokes catch?

Ben Stokes (all images via ICC video)
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Duanne Olivier says he wants to play for England now

Duanne Olivier (via Sky Sports)
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County cricket is dying and poverty-stricken and if something isn’t done soon the counties won’t even have enough money to tempt the world’s finest cricketers to renounce their international careers any more

Duanne Olivier (via Sky Sports)
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Someone has hidden or misplaced the Sri Lanka Test team that subsides to predictable defeats. If anyone tracks it down, they should probably alert the authorities. Its parents will no doubt be very worried

Oshada Fernando just absolutely smears one to the boundary (via Sky Sports)
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Kusal Perera does not care for circumstances

Kusal Perera (via Sky Sports)
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South Africa just choked in a major tournament and no-one seems to be going on about it

West Indies v South Africa (via ICC YouTube)

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“Our bowling is an area of concern”

Katherine Brunt leathers a six (via BBC)

So said South Africa captain Dane van Niekerk after her team had conceded a world record 216-1 in a T20 against New Zealand and then a few hours later conceded 250-3 against England.

“An area of concern” is a great way of putting it. “An absolute liability” is just that little bit too straightforward, while “absolute dog toss” isn’t a very diplomatic way of rating the performance of your team-mates.

“We spoke between games about what we wanted to do, but did the complete opposite,” she added.

She didn’t say why.

AB de Villiers finally picks a cake

Photo by Sarah Ansell

AB de Villiers spent rather a long time desperately trying to engineer a cake monopoly. He wanted to retain and eat The Cake of International Cricket; he wanted to retain and eat The Lucrative Cake of T20 Franchise Cricket; and he also wanted to retain and eat The Cake of Having a Little Bit of Time Off.

Sometimes a man’s desires are impractical and AB finally seems to have accepted that the world isn’t organised how he wants it to be. He’s therefore taken the decision to forego The Cake of International Cricket.

It seems odd timing with a World Cup not so far away. Maybe David Warner and Nathan Lyon broke his spirit.

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