Do the English not enjoy winning?

This sort of thing is just fine by us

Sometimes we feel utterly disconnected from this great nation. The attitude towards beating Australia at cricket being a case in point.

A week or so ago, it seemed like a number of England fans were feeling sorry for Australia. This is mental. Never feel sorry for Australia. Now there are people saying they’d rather have a close series than a resounding England win.


Given a choice between an easy win for England and an exciting, narrow win for England, we’d go for the latter because close matches get the heart racing. But that’s not the choice. There are no guarantees. If the choice is between an easy win for England and the possibility that they might lose, we’d wish for the former every time.

Just because England have won two of the last three Ashes series, it doesn’t mean victories are suddenly so commonplace you can start being picky about what form they take. If you’ve been starving to death, you don’t throw away some jerk chicken because you think it could do with more allspice.

We don’t really care what the series ‘needs’. Frankly, the Ashes as a whole could do with an England series win in Australia for once.

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5 Appeals

  1. Finish them for god’s sake. And no we won’t say it was a mediocre team you beat…promise

  2. are there really people out there saying they’d rather we lost a close series than spanked the aussies big time?? please tell me where they are so I can avoid them. I mean for Fred’s sake – winning is what matters, sod taking part or playing well but failing, we go out there to win and anything else is a disappointment

  3. King Cricket

    December 22, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    They’re not saying they’d rather England lose, but they’re saying they’d rather have a close series than an easy win.

    Saying that midway through a series is mental when you’re supporting one of the teams.

  4. I don’t want closeness, I want far-awayness.
    Or distance.

  5. boo


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