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Oh dear Lord, he's doing a crossword IN HIS MINDThere’s an awful lot of talk from Peter Moores and Kevin Pietersen about England ‘getting their heads turned on’ and being ‘mentally in the right place’ for this one-day series.

We’re a bit worried that at some point they’ll go overboard with the mental side and will forget about being physically in the right place. We don’t mind if they aren’t physically turned on of course, but we would like them to turn up to the matches.

You can’t neglect the physical side. It’s no good being ‘mentally turned on’ if you’re in the wrong city or have forgotten how to work your arms and no amount of positive mental attitude is going to get you runs if you’ve got your eyes closed.

It is absolutely vital that England are mentally switched on AND physically functional.

And it is vital. Don’t forget that we actually want England to win this one-day series. An England victory will hopefully make India think that it’s a bit of a duff format – unlike Tests. We know that it’ll be hard; that your initial impulse when it comes to one-dayers is to shrug and go all Gallic and surly, but you can’t do that this time.

You’ve got to be mentally turned on – although you can let your body atrophy, if you so desire.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I notice that they neglect to tell us where this place is that they’re mentally in.

    By the look of today’s performance, it’s not the bloody nets….that’s for sure.

  2. Mentally I am at the SCG about to hit the winning run to secure the Ashes for England.

    Physically I am sitting in front of Daisy’s PC writing this apeal.

    I see no problem with the disjoin in my own case, although I can see the potential problems for professional players.

    When Freddie suggests that players should “come to the party”, is that a mental or a physical party?

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