England’s one-day cricket and life

It's Owais Shah and - surprise! - he's been run outWe’re warming to the idea that England’s one-day cricket is like life – all crushing disappointments and anticlimax.

You want to be a winner. You want to succeed. You try so very hard to become competent at something, but everything you learn seems to be immediately rendered irrelevant by some development in the wider world. You’re irresistibly drawn to mediocrity whatever you do and more people than you can count are massively disappointed in you pretty much all of the time.

You’re there in body, but essentially you’re just killing time until the umpire raises his finger.

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13 Appeals

  1. I got all excited by the build up to this piece.

    Then I read it and was disappointed again.

    I just don’t learn any more.

    Never did, really.

  2. Have you ever considered writing a self-help book?

    You shouldn’t.

  3. After recognising the depressing truth of this post, I’m not waiting for the umpire to raise his finger, I’m walking.

  4. Can you just check that you haven’ t flipped over 2 pages on your Cricketing Cats calendar. O king, and think you are in the incipient autumnal gloom of October? This is after all September – the month of Victoria plums, and life can never be all bad when plum crumble is on the menu. With custard of course

  5. King Cricket

    September 8, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    We like our food sour.

  6. I have some milk in my fridge that you’d like

  7. Oh for goodness sake – why don’t you check out this cricinfo bit and cheer up?


  8. KC – just thought i’d let you know that the t-shirt came today.

    so thanks.

    within an hour of ripping open the package and putting it straight on, i got pasta sauce and beer down it.

    good times.

  9. King Cricket

    September 8, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    Sam, that’s what T-shirts are for.

    Ceci, that is spectacular, but do you really think getting someone’s hopes up before viciously dashing them is the way to cheer them up?

  10. Hmph!

  11. I haven’t got my shirt yet, tho’ I am in Aus so maybe it takes longer

  12. I say, this is as bouyant as a block of lead attached to three other blocks of lead, which in turn are attached to a feather. A small feather.

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