Everyone point at Warwickshire and laugh

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Because that’s how you fold.

It’s not so much the being bowled out for 97 on a pitch of kofte bhuna spiciness, it’s the Lancashire bowling figures their middle and lower order so generously created:

  • Simon Kerrigan – five wickets for seven runs
  • Gary Keedy – three wickets for two runs


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. This is it, KC, this is it! I can feel it. This year is our year. No-one will stop us. With players like Gary Keedy and Mark Chilton, who can stand against the mighty Lancastrians. Not the feeble Warwickstrians, that’s for sure, with their pathetic Yousuf-Trott-Bell middle order and their second-reserve-stand-in-replacement-up-coming England wicket keeper. We will ride to the County Championship title on a huge wave of gentle left-arm orthodox bowling.

    It will be OURS.

    1. They’ve even managed to bat AND bowl half-decently without Glen Chapple in one match.

      Can’t remember that ever happening before. It must be destiny.

    2. Think it’s just been jinxed now.

      Perhaps playing home matches at club grounds is helping, but obviously that can’t be a factor in this match. Maybe it’s just the seasonal England Batsman Crisis of Confidence.

      Jimmy Anderson’s 0 for 31 doesn’t look too clever next to Kerrigan and Keedy’s.

  2. Warwicks pitiful demise is probably a one off though whereas Kent look to be setting a world record for the number of innings thrashings received.

    1. How dare you. Kent have gloriously avoided an innings thrashing this time out, and are bravely fighting our way to a common or garden thrashing.

  3. How dare I? How dare they! I took a well earned siesta safe in the knowledge that Kent would be skittled out by the time I awoke as predicted. Only to have my sleep of the just be ruined. Damn you Darren Stevens! Damn you to hell! 😉

  4. I bet Giles was thinking ‘great I’ve got my England batsmen back to strengthen the batting’ prior to the match as well.

    It was embarrassing (yes, I’m a Warwickshire fan), the worst of it was that afterwards Giles refused to blame the batsmen.

    No wonder it’s almost impossible to get dropped from England’s top 6.

    1. He couldn’t blame the batsmen, because it’s not their fault. They’ve never faced an attack like Kerrigan / Keedy before. I mean, who has? Richards, Sobers, and Bradman wouldn’t have been the players they were if they’d had to face this Lancashire attack regularly.

      I think it’s just time for everyone to realise that Lancs have taken cricket to another level.

    2. Bert, I hadn’t taken that into account.

      It just proves that Ashley Giles has to go as an England selector. If he, Miller and co had picked these two for the world cup, then surely we would have been a real contender.

      We have world class spinners like these and don’t take them to the sub-continent for a world cup, how could we be so stupid?

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