Lancashire are making a proper balls of their first match

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Saj Mahmood shows Lancashire's top order how to bat

At the start of this sentence, Lancashire were 39-4 in their first innings of the season against Sussex. We fully expect five wickets to have fallen before we click publish. We are not unduly concerned by this.

Lancashire won the Championship in an odd way. They didn’t generally look like winning matches most of the time. In fact, we remember them being 39-4 pretty much every week and our memory is famously good (this is not in the least bit true). In 2011, Lancashire’s batsmen had a strong preference for single-figure scores and it would usually be down to one of the lower order to make 53 to salvage something from each innings.

As masterplans go, this probably isn’t sustainable. It is definitely easier to win matches if you’re not selecting five specialist fielders each match. Then again, it’s hard for us to get too concerned until Lancashire actually do start losing. Maybe they need a fraught situation in order to function properly the way most of us refuse to open our eyes at work until we’ve received at least nine physical threats.


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  1. Your article is way too long. Each paragraph needs some serious improvement to ensure that it focusses on the main points, the ones it is vital to get across to people. Try this instead:

    Lancashire won the Championship…

  2. How long will this site continue to be nostalgic about “England Cricket – 2011 India series”?

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s Discus, which is an important thing to get right in this Olympic year.

  3. I think what’s important to focus on at this juncture is James Taylor’s poor start to the season. It’s also important to point and laugh at the tiny Judas while doing this.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything.

  4. Lancashire are really struggling.

    Great start for Warwickshire.

    While it lasts, let me be the first to say “ha ha.”

    In other news, good on Michael Yardy.

    Is he playing purely as a batsman these days?

  5. Lancashire is one of the great country cricket team and no doubt it has great players specially bowlers and my wishes always with Lancashire.

    1. As the Queen is the Duke of Lancaster, Britain is effectively a colony of Lancashire. So what livescore said is correct. Completely correct, in every word.

    2. I go through all this “actually you are a colony of us” twaddle whenever I go to the Channel Islands – Duke of Normandy and all that.

      At least the Falkland Islanders know their place.

      I’m starting to realise why China gets so irritated by Taiwan.

      And why Richard The Third was such a bellicose sh1t.

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