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Bert writes:

Everyone in my office is currently all abuzz about the prospect of a Fantasy World Cup. I wondered if anything similar existed for our favourite pastime. Sadly it appears not, so I have felt the need to invent one.

Welcome to Fantasy Cricket Administrator League 2010.

What you have to do is pick a cricket club management team comprising the people that you think will perform best over the season. By “perform best”, I don’t mean any of that happy fans / financial stability bollocks. No. I’ve been studying the way that county and national administrators seemingly do their jobs and I’ve come up with some points scoring and selection rules.

Firstly, you can pick from the management of any of the 27,000 counties in English cricket, plus one person from the ECB. You can also have two “overseas players” from the BCCI, PCB, ICC, WICB, SPECTRE, SMERSH, or any other publicity-focussed body with only half an eye on cricket. Don’t forget, anybody who turns up with a suitcase full of cash despite not knowing the first thing about cricket is also eligible to join your team.

You need five “board members” in all. Points will be scored according to the following:

  • Getting on TV – 1 point
  • Mentioning actual cricket while on TV – minus 5 points
  • Making vague threats towards “grass roots cricket” if you don’t get your way – 5 points
  • Discussing television deals as if they matter – 5 points
  • Describing cricket as “part of the entertainment business” – 10 points
  • Describing fans as “customers” – 5 points
  • Describing fans as “the relevant demographic” – 20 points
  • Closing the museum to make way for a sponsors’ bar – 10 points
  • Describing a player’s genito-urinary diseases in detail to the whole world – 100 points
  • Spending half of your club’s income on buying a Test match, then losing three days’ play because of bad drains – 30 points
  • Staging a Test match on an unplayable pitch – 10 points
  • Being responsible for inspecting that pitch a day beforehand but thinking it is OK – 30 points
  • Having your captain resign – 10 points
  • Having all your players go on strike – 20 points
  • Categorically banning a player forever, then saying that “forever” could be interpreted as “for the rest of the week” – 10 points
  • Being sacked – minus 10 points
  • Not being sacked despite a whole pile of obvious reasons for it – 50 points
  • Being imprisoned – 1000 points (*)

(*) Players will be limited to one IPL administrator each, for obvious reasons.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Some might think that Lalit Modi trumps all in this game but mark my words that twonk who has just been appointed CEO at Kent & put the prices up by roughly 200% is one to watch.

  2. I am sorry, but .. where is the “Fantasy” in this Fantasy Cricket League?? This point system is all too real !

  3. You defintely need to add the idiot at Kent who not only put the prices up by 200%, but also withdrew an entire category of membership, accusing all those out-of -county members of being lying cheats and thereby guranteeing we’ll all just go to far more convenient away games.

    Granted, its not quite being arrested, but, as FEC points out, as an opening gambit it’s pretty impressive. Also, it pissed me off and that counts triple

  4. May I know the reason for not mentioning ACB, sureshot winners in such competitions?

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