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Gautam Gambhir - triumphantly ineffective for a whole year

We don’t try and steer clear of stupidity altogether – that would be unrealistic – but we do generally try and avoid saying anything too moronic until both sides have batted. Even so, we’re tempted to get in early today after India were again bowled out easily by Australia.

India have some good bowlers, but a first innings lead seems unlikely. MS Dhoni has been quick to point to the injuries his team were suffering when they lost to England, but that doesn’t apply here. The batting is letting them down. The only question is whether Australia’s batting will let them down to an even greater degree.

It is now exactly a year since Gautam Gambhir did anything of any consequence. That’s nowhere near our personal best, but people are starting to write articles about him. Does our lack of effort not warrant the same recognition?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Unlike most other countries, India’s batting line up doesn’t have pressure on them from guys trying to get in. Who can you drop gambhir for?

    1. To be honest I’m suprised Gambhir is still opening – maybe Dravid/Sehwag would be a better combination with Gambhir (or Rahane if that fails) at first drop?
      Got to hand it to Duncan Fletcher – he really knows what it takes for a team to lose consistantly.

  2. I am far more worried about VVS. He hasn’t had a decent overseas game since his 96 to win the Durban test in 2010. His game does not depend on technique (unlike Dravid’s or Tendulkar’s) but on hand-eye coordination – when the ravages of age strike, he can’t hide behind a solid defensive stroke.

    Unfortunately he is part of the holy trinity and will be impossible to drop, particularly on a tour of Australia.

    His situation reminds me of Matthew Hayden in his final year of international cricket, but VVS is so much the polar opposite of Hayden in every way that it hurts me to even type this.

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