Ricky Ponting earns a hundred

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There have been times when we’ve thought that a fat man doing naked limbo in the office would have more dignity than Ricky Ponting. However, he can have his moments.

He often speaks well these days and he seemed dignified when he reached 100 against India at the SCG as well. This might seem an odd thing to say considering he had a mouthful of turf, a dislodged helmet and a stain on his front that made it look like a giant had used his shirt as toilet paper, but it was the way he reacted that made an impression on us.

He was happy. He was genuinely delighted. He wasn’t jumping around, punching the air and bellowing swear words at the sky. He was just sort of dusting himself down and smiling.

He was unarsed about looking like a complete dickhead. It was a triviality compared to the hundred he’d been working towards for almost two years. We’d say he deserved it and the effort is why he so obviously appreciated it.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I know your game, you’re hoping this has bought him enough credit to make the next ashes tour. He may have too. Bastard.

  2. His coming into form as he is about to retire just means that the hole he leaves in the batting line-up will be bigger.

    That said, I’m pleased for him. We should remember top class players for being top class players, not for a drop of form caused by having to play test cricket at too old an age because there is no replacement. And there’s no doubt about it – the stumpy sour-face is one of the great players of our time.

    That said, 93% of Australia’s runs were scored by three batsmen with a combined age of 105! 3% were scored by Extras. Surely this brings Extras position in the team into question. Is 22 runs good enough at this level? I don’t think so. For the next test, I think CA will be bold and drop Extras in favour of another batsman who’s never played a first class game and whose stock shot is the heave over midwicket.

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