High scores at Adelaide Oval Cricket Ground

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Adelaide Oval - no-one should attend this Test, according to reports

History’s a load of arse. It gives you a slightly better idea as to what might happen, but really all it tells you is what’s already happened. It’s a guide not gospel.

We were told that Brisbane would be pacy and this that and the other, but the pitch started slow and that was when it was most dangerous.

Flatly refusing to learn from this, many have not so much predicted a high-scoring draw at Adelaide as written and filed their reports already, mentally moving onto Perth. While the second Test may yet slow in pace and turn into a leaden draw, it doesn’t make sense to forecast that on the basis of what we’ve seen.

The whole joy of sport is that it’s a drama that unfolds in front of you. It’s not a repeat. You’ve not read the book already.

Media coverage doesn’t affect what happens on the pitch, but it is part of the experience for most of us. Let’s not talk like we own a copy of the 2015 edition of Gray’s Sports Almanac. Predictions are fine, but assumptions are not.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. “All [history] tells you is what has already happened.”

    That is without a doubt the finest argument I have ever heard. It is impossible to refute. You could be debating history with the Oxford Professor of History, and he still wouldn’t have any sort of come-back to that one. The only way the conversation could go after that is:

    Prof:- “Er, well, I guess so, but that is hardly…”
    KC:- “See”

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