Imagine you’re Shane Warne

We’ll give you a minute or two to get to grips with that. You can come back later if it’s too much to take in at once.

For those of you who are okay, we’ll continue.

So you’re Shane Warne. With your reputation, would you choose to put this image in a prominent position on your website?

'Come round when you've finished inserting catheters and wiping old people's arses'

You’re Shane Warne. Tell us what you’re texting and to whom.

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9 Appeals

  1. You’ve considered the possibility – if not probability – that Shane Warne neither personally works on nor gives a shit about the pictures on his website?

  2. King Cricket

    October 20, 2010 at 10:52 am

    Shane Warne is a skilled web developer. What the hell are you talking about?

    And he DEFINITELY writes his blog. You can’t teach punctuation like that.

  3. Shane is texting in his latest tweet:

    “…& with my right hand…”

  4. He’s not texting. He’s *pretending* to be texting to stop people asking him where he got those super-bitchin’ shades.

  5. Has he just recieved one of Ashey Cole’s “special” picture messages?

  6. ” Yeah the Doc. gave me some pills, but I think he’s taking the p*** “

  7. Inbox: From SWARNEY

    Yeah I’m not saying that, all I’m saying is that Murali’s action…

  8. “ahh those mother of two …”

  9. I am Shane Warne. Aum. I am Shane Warne. Aum. I am Shane Warne.

    Question #1: Would I put that photo on my web site?
    Answer: You’re joking, mate? My hair looks great, it even looks like I have hair. What a stupid question !!!

    Question #2: What am I texting?
    Answer: RU solo ? wotU warin ? lol I’m n my daks. lol l%k @ my pic !!!!!

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