India got bowled out for 92

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They even managed to lose three wickets to Albie Morkel, who apparently still exists. Confusingly, with age he’s starting to look like Morne Morkel’s younger, chubbier brother. Guess the fat pushes out the wrinkles. There could also be some sort of Dorian Gray style arrangement which sees team-mate Chris Morris taking on the role of the painting because the seamer looks a good 15 years older than he really is.

When we switched on, all of the players were sitting around doing nothing during what should have been South Africa’s run-chase. This was because the crowd were busying themselves peppering the outfield with bottles. With the boundaries being so far in, there was zero chance of them hitting any of the players, but they stopped the game anyway.

Presumably the fans were doing this in the hope that it would somehow reverse time and give the home team a second chance to set a decent score. Or maybe they were doing it as a favour to the broadcasters, allowing them to squeeze in the requisite number of ad breaks in what looked like being a rather short match.

Either way, time continued conventionally – albeit perhaps a little slower – and 92 remained the target. When South Africa reached 70-3, another bottle shower saw the players walk off.

Imagine caring that much about a Twenty20 match. Maybe they were just irritated that they couldn’t make beer snakes because the bottles didn’t tesselate.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. yes, cricket in India is in healthy shape as long as the crowd care enough to throw plastic bottle on the ground. (given the nature of some of the mob violence happening in India, plastic bottles littering the ground are the least of worries right now, I feel)

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  6. It’s not as farcical as the BBC’s new setup, in which one must–despite having a widescreen monitor–repeatedly select which innings of a given match to be displayed in scorecard form at a given time. Mustn’t overwhelm the tablet. I do not understand why mobile interfaces are pushed to all readers.

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        I feel like bursting into song about it all.

      2. And indeed very low prices to fly to directly to Grand Cayman Island from a variety of origins, as the Skyscanner banner ad telleth!

  8. Won’t you now be poorer without the income from the Russian Mature Dating advertisements? By the way, did anyone hear that India got bowled out for 92?

      1. Bottle-hurling being OK after the first few, and the using ‘too much brain’ ones both seem legit to me.

      2. Cheers. Had the ‘too much brain’ already, but weirdly the 1.8 runs thing didn’t feature in the piece we saw.

  9. This new site redesign looks like a bucket of apples, in the sense that that’s quite nice if you already liked that sort of thing and I’m ambivelent

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