Jos Buttler wearing an ice bra

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We think that’s what it is. Or maybe it’s just a conventional sports bra and therefore entirely normal.


The image comes from an ECB video that’s largely about how hot it is in the UAE. Jos appears shortly after Mark Wood has said: “We’ve had lads grabbing ice and putting them in strange places.”

We like that ice is a ‘them’ to Wood.

All those ices. So many ices. Maybe he considers them people.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. He’ll have lots of time to cool down out of the middle, while Jonny Bairstow racks up runs.

  2. Quite startled by the new look BIG BIG print site and Jos’s wearable technology optimization device. But not displeased

    1. Big print’s good. Pretty much the only thing we ever ask of someone designing a website is “can you make it look chunkier?” Big text is one aspect of this somewhat nebulous demand.

  3. I like your hover caption.

    The fellow has played fewer than a dozen first class games for Lancashire, but already this Somersetshire lad is a grockle who says “nowt” and owt Lankey.

      1. In the summer of 1990 the television in my flat went phut. I replaced the television in late 1999.

        In truth, I have watched little television since the 1970s. but even by my standards the 1990s was a barren decade, television-wise.

        Highbrow cultural reference thus wasted on me, but thanks for sharing.

        I wish they had shown the collection of jugs from the next room, though. They might well be wonderful exhibits.

  4. let me try a html link…

    Dhoni was supposed to have made the following quote after the first T20 against South Africa
    After the first defeat Dhoni … told a journalist he should have watched the match instead of asking him what went wrong

  5. by suddenly increasing the spacing of the comments, It now feels like my PC’s monitor has reduced in size all of a sudden and I have lost some value/money now compared to the previous version/format of this site

    1. What confuses me is the text has gotten larger, but so has the space between it. It’s as if the universe is expanding or something.

  6. What’s happening here? I don’t like this at all. It’s like moving into a two bedroom apartment in the suburbs from a studio on the eighteenth floor in the city overlooking an organic store – what am I supposed to do with all this extra space? I just have one suitcase, you know? And a couple of boxes of books. You know the problem with spacious apartments? You are forced to use all the space because, you know, you have it. So you spread your underwear and books around. And can’t find them later.

    We should be in constricted spaces – spaces that barely let us breathe. Spaces where your junk is much too close to another man causing you intense discomfort. Spaces where every link is nearby. Spaces that don’t make you scroll too much . The old site was all that and much more.

    1. But the spacious apartment is in exactly the same neighbourhood as you were in before, so it is more like upgrading from a studio on the 18th floor to the penthouse suite on the 20th. At no additional cost; the landlord likes you and wants you to have an even nicer environment.

      As for finding things, surely it is easier to find that particular book you are looking for when you have plenty of shelf space to set out all the books, rather than the three-deep stacks of books in the corner of your old hovel.

      No, no, no, Deep Cower. Please do not encourage KC to send us back to that hovel. KC’s new luxury apartment is just the ticket. It has HTML tags and attributes too. Incredibly spacious apartment, suitable for DIY enthusiast

      1. The old hovel had HTML tags too, you know. It just didn’t tell you about them.

        Stop slagging off the old hovel.

  7. Ice bras. So yeah, them’s a thing now and all. Along with this new airy layout, I don’t think I much like the way this world is going.

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