Let us tell you about Jos Buttler from England’s World Cup squad

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Jos Buttler (via Sky Sports)

Jos Buttler is a man for whom trying to score runs at unbelievable speed appears to have no downside.

Normally there’s a risk associated with trying to hit every ball to the boundary, but if anything you feel that Buttler’s actually safer when he takes that approach; that playing each ball on its merits would somehow be colossally irresponsible of him.

Buttler’s second-most-amazing shot is when he plays the ball over his own head and behind the wicketkeeper. His most amazing shot is the wrist snap golf chip that somehow goes for six.

Jos Buttler is the wicketkeeper. This feels more irrelevant than it probably is.

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  1. These posts are coming thick and fast, like Buttler boundaries or a jug of my brother’s gravy plummeting from a great height.

  2. I feel I should add that “my brother’s gravy” is not a euphemism, he likes his gravy thick… if you know what I mean*

    *What I mean is that when he is preparing a sauce made from the juices of meats that run naturally during cooking and thickened with wheat flour or corn starch for added texture, he prefers it to have a high viscosity.

    1. They come for the gravy similes. They stay for the gravy clarifications.

      1. You’re more likely to get gravy clarification with corn starch than with wheat flour, in my humble experience.

        But Daisy and I have got past that sort of thickening stage – we tend to reduce rather than thicken. And being poncy southerners, we describe the resulting unguent substance as jus, not gravy.

    2. OAP Webster, oops, I actually meant “Oh, A P Webster” but predictive text has put years on you. Thanks for the laugh. I was in dire need of one today.

    1. Williamson – “Screw you guys, I’m going to smile whether you like it or not.”
      Sarfraz – “I’d prefer to drop Kohli when he’s on 0 than be here right now”

      1. Faf and Eoin – ‘Is this how people sit? Are we doing it correctly? Nvm, we’ll continue sitting this way.’

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