Let us tell you about England’s World Cup squad

A focused Eoin Morgan (via YouTube)

Let us tell you about each and every one of the players in turn. Then let us tell you about the strategy. Then let us suggest that you get our articles sent to your inbox each day to save you the colossal ball-ache of actually visiting the site.

The squad

These 15 lads are the ones who will be playing for England during the World Cup (or possibly just running onto the field with drinks wearing a hi-vis tabard). We’re going to publish a short thing about each of them.

The strategy

They’ve basically set themselves up as the ultimate flat pitch one-day side. These are the ins and outs of their method.

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If you’re wondering how we’ll cover the World Cup here on King Cricket – well, the majority of the British sports media seem to be taking the event incredibly seriously, so let’s absolutely 100 per cent not do that.

Let’s not do any analysis of how the game is ‘evolving’. Let’s not introduce any fancy new stats that give some unbelievable insight into how games are won and lost. Let’s completely fail to consider how any of what follows might impact on the future of the game.

Let’s just… you know… enjoy it.

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22 Appeals

  1. What’s the situation with terrestrial telly highlights? Am I going to have to give Murdoch my money again?

  2. Why are they playing only one match a day in the World Cup? I can understand having that for the knockout rounds, but surely you could play Pak v WI and NZ v SL in parallel.

    • King Cricket

      May 21, 2019 at 1:59 pm

      If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all our time watching cricket, it’s that they like the World Cup to last a really, really, tremendously long time.

      • Half again as long as the football world cup is a bit much when you’re playing with only a third of the teams 🙁

  3. Complete this sentence. If England don’t win the 2019 World Cup….

  4. Poor old David Willey eh. He will have seen this coming from round about the same time as the post went up here about Jofra Archer being in a special squad of his own… but still.

    (I’m not saying the selectors have done the wrong thing… just can’t help feeling for the guy)

    • Was going to say he’s got a few years, but just checked and he’s 29. So that was probably it for him.

      • Yeah… must be incredibly frustrating for him.

        Wouldn’t want to be lining up against Yorkshire any time soon…

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