Let’s work out which player is going to throw a massive great wobbler at some point during this World Cup

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We have written a very important World Cup preview for Cricket 365. It’s 1,000 words on which player’s most likely to have a massive great big childish meltdown during one of the matches.

It’s an important question, so we’ve approached it very deliberately. We’ve given players scores and worked it all out.

This is the kind of wisdom and insight you come here for. You know it is.

You can read the piece here.


A reminder that World Cup highlights aren’t on Channel 5, they’re on Channel 4… at about midnight.

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  1. There was an excellent anecdote about a chap meeting Dickie Bird in last week’s Wisden newsletter

    1. It’s the through-the-first-England-match thread. We presume we’ll have something to say after that.

  2. Would have thought Stokes might rate a mention in the Wobbler stakes, although he does get a poor form score.

    1. There was a whole paragraph explaining why he wasn’t in originally, but then we realised that it was the form thing same as Warner and we didn’t want to repeat ourself. (First time for everything.)

  3. I especially like the (un)scientific use of scales of 1-10, which, of course, go up to 11 in your world of indices, KC. I’m 120% sure I like that.

    I also very much enjoyed the inevitability of the conclusion.

    Well done.

      1. Actually, there are plenty of arguments in maths, which Ged or Bert will enlighten you on, but I know what you mean. When I read the piece, there was an ad banner just below the Warner paragraph, which I took to be the natural end of the article. Imagine my surprise that there were other contenders – even though they proved to be imposters!

      2. It’s a dual length article. Makes sense either way, insofar as it makes sense at all.

  4. Meanwhile in the County Championship, Gareth Batty has just taken eight wickets in an innings, including a hat-trick.

    He did it against Warwickshire, which surely means he should be in the England team for the Ashes.

    1. Batty’s was a very pricey, losing eightfer compared with your man Jeets’s winning eightfer, eh Sam? You can’t argue with maths, as they say.

  5. I still miss the YouTube clips from the old cricket badger newsletter though. Awesome as the Wisden one is of course.

    Now, time to see what Jofra’s got when it really, really counts. A lot I hope. Hope Mo bowls well.

    1. That’s Ed (our fellow Badgerer)’s fault. He used to dig up most of the videos but we have so much Wisden stuff to plug these days I think he quite often doesn’t bother.

  6. Great way to watch the cricket cheaply and with added adrenaline. If you bet on a match with Paddy Power, you can watch said match free via their IPad app.

    But when the fun stops. Stop. Right kids?

  7. Jeez, what a catch :-O

    311 did indeed look pretty weak by recent standards, but lookng more than enough now…

  8. Ben Stokes made several things happen today, didn’t he? The catch was just awe-inspiring, but the runs, run-out and wickets were also exceptional.

    As was pretty much the whole England team. Jonny Bairstow and Jos Buttler are due for the next one.

  9. It will be Warner absolutely. If the cheating sledges don’t trigger him there’s another one they can use which is guaranteed results.

  10. According to the scoring system on cricket365, 12 people were amused by the article, one was happy, another one sad and two were very excited by the prospect of a David Warner meltdown.

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