Let us tell you about Tom Curran from England’s World Cup squad

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Tom Curran has a preposterous haircut and celebrates wickets in an annoying way. We’re acutely aware that this is no basis on which to judge a person, so we’re quite keen for him to win the World Cup for England to help us overcome this.

Tom is the least left-handed of the two Currans to have represented England in recent times. His main thing is bowling absolutely dumploads of cutters. You can google what cutters are. This website is not a place where we’re going to make any effort to explain something if we anticipate our explanation will be 100 per cent dull.

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    1. He bowls then again and again and again until batsmen see nothing else in their dreams…

      It’s a re-Curran nightmare.

  1. Morgan’s injured. That’s it. We might as well pack up and go home.

    Oh, we are at home.

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