We’re sure of two things about Sam Curran

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Sam Curran (via Sky Sports)

The first thing we know about Sam Curran – know as a cast iron, indisputable fact – is that he is going to be a fantastic Test cricketer for England in the years to come.

The second thing we know about Sam Curran – just as confidently, just as inarguably – is that there is no credible route to his becoming a fantastic Test cricketer for England.

Lower order hittery does not a Test career make. 80mph swing bowling from someone who’s 5ft9in has no place in Test cricket.

But he’s going to make it. Somehow. We’re sure of it.

We’ve written more about this paradox at Cricket365, only we started with three paragraphs about David Warner lamping Joe Root because why not.


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  1. Sam Curran was a right pain when India toured England last. If not for him the series would have been 3-2 to India instead of the 4-1 to England that it ended up being.
    Maybe he’ll end up being England’s Bhuvaneshwar Kumar.

    1. What a huge performance. You could almost say it was a massive effort to take such a chunky amount of wickets. He took 4 of those wickets straight after lunch too, solid work.

      1. I particularly enjoyed Sky Sports’ choice of the adjective ‘robust’ to describe our new favourite man-mountain off-spinner.

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