Is Darren Sammy running away from this streaker?

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Or is he running towards him?


Is it even Darren Sammy?

Who knows? Not us – although we’ve named the image file Darren-Sammy.jpg, so that’s quite a big commitment. Never let it be said that we aren’t a risk-taker.

The photo’s from 2007. If you’re wondering why we’re publishing eight year old photos of West Indies players confronting or fleeing from streakers, it’s because all the coverage of the current West Indies tour is depressing and we eventually concluded that we didn’t have anything we wanted to say.

This post feels a bit flimsy. Maybe we could make a joke referring to that ‘Changing energy?’ advert; something about the guy running out of energy halfway through getting changed.

No, with hindsight, we should have just left things where they were. That last paragraph’s only made things worse.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Is that Old Trafford?

    We were there for the first 2 days of that 2007 test. Don’t recall a streaker on either of those days.

    However, the Borat lookalike parading behind us in a mankini and some business with a roast chicken being passed around are images etched in my brain.

      1. That looks suspiciously like a match report about a professional game that includes some mention of the cricket, KC.

        “What was going on”, indeed!

  2. I thought god created the heavens and the earth on the first day, not a Borat lookalike in a mankini. I don’t remember anything about chickens, and I’m pretty sure on the third day he made land, not streakers.

    Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention in RE.

    1. The most famous cricketing streaker was miseducated at the poshos’ North Essex haunt of Felsted School, the alma mater of Newton’s contemporary Isaac Barrow. As were two members of the England team (Pringle and Stevenson) on the day she cartwheeled across the pitch.

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