Is everyone TOTALLY PSYCHED about the Big Bash?

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There’s another Twenty20 league on the horizon. Kieron Pollard’s in it. Shahid Afridi’s in it. Alfonso Thomas is in it.

Chris Gayle’s in it too. He’ll be playing in Sydney and he’s really looking forward to being there.

“What do you call it: Bond Beach? Bondi? I will be there. I don’t like swimming or going in the water, but I’ll be there posing. I’ve been looking after my body so I have a lot to offer by posing.”

According to Cricket Australia, the Big Bash League is the most important development since agriculture. This stance is in no way undermined by the fact that Phillip Hughes is skipping it on the grounds that he wants to get better at cricket.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. shameless plug..LIVESPORT.TV will be showing the big bash league for free during this weekend. Think the big bash site should be up before the first match.
    Enjoy the freebie lads!

  2. I hope the commentators come up with some new things to say. “Rockets” and “tracer bullets” should be banned from the bash.

    Healy: When Pollard hits the ball, the massive impulse turns the ball into a black hole, causing the stadium to orbit around it.

    Border: Chris Gayle just hit a six. The ball can be found outside the stadium scattered into pieces of hydrogen.

    Greig: Alfonso Thomas is in. I would say something spectacular about him, but I have no fucking clue who Alfonso Thomas is.

    That would have me psyched.

  3. I know you’re in the deep mid-winter and decking your halls and all that – but don’t you have any local tidbits to report these days, KC?

    I know Oz cricket is always fascinating beyond anything you poms can produce since Freddie gave up his jesus act for good, but this obsession in the midst of the jolly season is excessive even for you. Haven’t you got presents to go and buy? Some white stuff to shovel?

    1. Stephen Moore’s withdrawn from the IPL auction because he probably wouldn’t get picked. That’s about as exciting as it gets.

      England aren’t playing until January. What do you honestly think is going on here?

    2. Are you mad, Steve? Australian cricket is in a shambles, the test team can’t bat for love nor money, they’ve just lost to NZ for the first time in a hundred years, Phil Hughes is STILL playing, and you’re all cock-a-hoop because you’ve found a spinner who’s played some matches and doesn’t average over 100. What’s not to like? The only downside is that even your selectors won’t pick Mitch when his foot is mended, so that particular piece of hillarity is lost to us. C’est la vie.

      If you don’t want us to stare intently at Australian cricket, just win a series.

    3. Dear Bert, yes, the parlous state of our cricketing affairs is entertaining, especially for a nation that was the standing joke of cricket for about 20 years ( that’s you, by the way).

      Bu KC’s obsession seems over the top, even for him. I suspect underneath his pasty white skin he really wishes for a Bondi tan (not to be confused with that fried lobster look British tourists get)

  4. One of the teams in the Big Bash appears to be called the Sydney Sixers.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    1. We believe that there was a list of approved nicknames from which the teams could choose.

      That’s not a joke. We’re pretty sure we read that.

  5. Its a technicolour nightmare. Two teams wear blue, two teams wear green, one each of pink, purple, orange and red.

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