Jason Roy has one wheel in the air

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Still taken from Sky Sports
Still taken from Sky Sports

It’s good to see Jason Roy making hundreds in one-day internationals. Earlier in the year, we were concerned that he wrongly thought he should give himself time in Twenty20. While he ultimately got over that, we’ve since been worried that he might subsequently do the reverse and try take his Twenty20 approach into the middle format.

England have found success in T20 through successfully encouraging their batmen to put a low price on their wickets. They bat right on the cusp of irresponsibility in the knowledge that there is always – to quote every commentator ever – “plenty of batting to come.”

In 50-over cricket, there isn’t always plenty of batting to come. Sometimes you run out of batting. 50-over sides need the proper batsmen to hang around. They still need them to score quickly, but not with almost complete disregard for their own survival.

Like pulling a wheelie, it’s tough to find the right balance, but Jason Roy is currently somewhere near the right spot.


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  1. Much as I enjoyed half-following most of the game last night (jolly decent of them to delay a fair chunk of the match such that most of the match took place after I got home from work)…

    …there is something a little unsatisfactory about ODIs on tracks that are so flat that 7 or more runs per over for 50 overs remains a low-risk approach.

    Nice to see the ball flying to all parts; but it is nice in a “pleasant muzak” way, not nice in a “wow, that is an exciting piece of music” way.

    Don’t get me wrong, i did stay awake. But probably only because I was making my dinner and then finished eating about 10 minutes before the end.

  2. Don Bradman didn’t get t’be t’great cyclist ‘e was by balancing ‘is wheel in t’air. ‘E rolled it along t’ground.

    Chunter chunter, cycle path of uncertainty etc.

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