Joe Root seems okay

Most people seem to be saying ‘Joe Root is amazing’ but we’ll take it down a few notches from there. We’re still forming an opinion. There’s no rush.

The story so far seems to have followed this course:

  1. He looks an excellent stodgy blocker
  2. Wait, he can score quick runs
  3. Wow, he can do everything

Set against that, our thoughts have been:

  1. Hard to judge whether he can do more
  2. Looked like other players could have scored quicker
  3. He seems okay

Today’s 79 off 56 balls against New Zealand was more impressive than the last one-day innings which saw everyone waxing lyrical. On that previous occasion, there seemed to be too many missed reverse sweeps to our eyes. Even if he scored well overall, we saw someone who was maybe trying too hard.

Today’s innings was far less awkward and you’d bet that he’ll get stronger and start hitting safer sixes as well. Set against that is the fact that he was dropped twice, so it could have turned out quite differently. He’s far from flawless.

We’re just playing devil’s advocate here. If you look 15 and play like a 30-year-old, everyone loses perspective.

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14 Appeals

  1. I like him but as you say it is still early days. To come in and play like a seasoned international is an excellent achievement in itself though – doubly so though when several of his innings have been ‘important’ in the context of the game already.

    • “I like him” seems the safest and smartest thing to say right now. I like him too. England make it easy for youngsters to do good things these days, which is terrific for them and for England.

  2. Does he get in the team for the Ashes? As we all know, the Ashes is the only series that matters. Surely the countdown (or build-up?) starts here.

  3. He’s no Kane Williamson…

  4. I never practiced safe six. There’s something primal about just pounding it and not worrying about consequences.

  5. 4. He’s playing against New Zealand.

    So does Jonny Bairstow get to join wee Jimmy Judas and Eoin Morgan in Lions purgatory now, or will Compton find himself out on his ear shortly?

    • An embarrassment of riches, we have, lining up for England batting slots.

      If you’ve got it, flaunt it, I always say.

      Safe six sucks.

  6. An embarrassment of promising young batsmen who will probably be found out at the highest level.

    Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

    • Smashing the current New Zealand bowling attack to all parts in Napier isn’t the highest level?

      I’m gutted.

  7. A Star is Born. In Napier of all places.

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