Lancashire get shot of Simon Marshall

Simon Marshall - his leg-spin was very... accurateThis is perhaps a more interesting development than you might think.

You might not have heard of Simon Marshall. He’s a leg-spinning all-rounder whose particular brand of non-spinning spin gave him great success in this year’s Twenty20 Cup: 14 wickets at 13.57 at 7.26 an over. He’s a snappy fielder too, so that’s a full set of strings to his bow (bows have three strings it would seem).

We’re told that all the money’s in Twenty20 and that counties will build their squads according to ability in this format from now on, but that clearly isn’t the case here in the North-West.

Of course we don’t necessarily run organisations according to ‘reason’ in these parts.

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5 Appeals

  1. He’ll be snapped up in a shot, I wuold think.

    Essex love a bits and pieces all-rounder for short forms, sign him up!

  2. Seems a bit strange to me. I saw him in a championship game last year sometime (the memory’s not what it was y’know) and he looked to have a good strong ‘county journeyman’ type career ahead of him.

    He looked more useful than Gary Yates ever did anyway, and Yatsey was at Lancs for nearly a thousand years.

  3. Bows actually have 5 strings: batting, bowling, fielding, wicket keeping and drink carrying.

  4. Was he the gy that was hammered by Dawid Malan in the T20 quarter finals?

  5. King Cricket

    August 14, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Yeah, think Dawid realised that there was no spin to play with or against.

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