Lancashire get shot of Dominic Cork

Dominic Cork - quite likeable when he was on your teamA slightly callous post title that we’re not that proud of, but what are we going to do? Rewrite it? As if.

Lancashire have finally decided that they have too many ageing fast-medium all-rounders in their side and Dominic Cork, as the elder of the two, is the man to go.

It’s a bit sad for Cork who was a great cricketer and is still a very good one. But his presence was always a bit infuriating at a county with a youth academy that seems to churn out fast-medium all-rounders almost exclusively. Tom Smith, Kyle Hogg and Steven Croft have all waited unreasonably patiently for the last few seasons.

So now we’ve got the answer to the question we asked back in March: How will the ageing all-rounders of tomorrow get enough experience to keep the ageing all-rounders of the day-after-tomorrow out of the side?

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3 Appeals

  1. You’ve also got rid of a young english leggy to make way for a kolpak, money grabbing bastard all rounder leggy.

    All is good with the world.

  2. Is this time to right past wrongs and give Cork’s Test hat-trick the respect it deserves?

  3. King Cricket

    August 13, 2008 at 9:46 am

    It could be, but then there’d be all sorts of reorganising and rewriting and frankly we’re not up to that level of endeavour.

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