Moeen Ali likes to feel bat on ball

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Photo by Sarah Ansell

Or, in English, he likes to hit the ball. It always strikes us that ‘feel bat on ball’ sounds altogether too sensual for something that’s actually quite percussive and violent. After all, you wouldn’t say about a drunken brawler: ‘He loves the feel of fist on face and the sensation of knee on balls’.

Moeen Ali’s skittering batting from number eight was probably the highlight of the day, but his caught and bowled to dismiss Michael Clarke was pretty good too. He loves the feel of hands around ball, does Moeen.

Lots of double-figure efforts from the Aussies so far, but Chris Rogers has done best with 95. This makes us think that maybe they’d do better if their batting line-up was older still. Bring back Boony.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. That steve smith dismissal is great. It’s the sort of dismissal you’d expect from him before he became the greatest batsmen ever!!

    1. The highlights made Smith look like a tailender wearing a blindfold, even before he got out. I’m going to stubbornly ignore the fact he’s the best batsman in the world and continue to believe he’s bobbins.

  2. Was there a tactical decision to bring on the oldest substitute fielder in Test history after Cook got hit in the tummy? I feel it made some of the Aussies feel young.

    1. I believe the euphemism for the place cook was hit is “the inside of the right thigh. The picture certainly suggests that it was “below the tummy”, Rus.

      Who would deny Dean Cosker a last hurrah as a geriatric sub?

      My favourite memory of Cosker was the tail end of a county championship match at Lord’s a few years ago. Glamorgan were trying to hold out for a draw. Brains Brewery were Glamorgan’s sponsors at the time – possibly still are – with “Brains” emblazoned on their jerseys. I was in the Long Room anticipating the dénouement of the match. Cosker had a wild swipe at one to get out quite quickly. As Cosker walked past the hushed few, a Welsh voice piped up, “not a very good advert for Brains, that shot”.

  3. I only saw the highlights but it looked like Buttttler spent all day plucking nasty double bouncing half volleys off his ankles in an increasingly secure manner. I’m not sure how he is standing up but he looks like a proper wicketkeeper to the fast bowlers.

    1. England innings – 100 over and 17 byes. Australian innings so far – 70 overs and 2 byes.

  4. Just imagine how many comments Mike would have made had he seen the whole day’s play, not just the highlights.

    Top self-e-conversation, Mike. Respect.

  5. Wickets!


    Not getting any work done because there’s a TV in the corner of the office!

    1. I’m starting to believe.

      I need something to calm me down, maybe a lie down in a room which has audio clips from 1990s TMS Ashes coverage on a loop…

    2. I can barely contain myself. I am on the verge of running around doing fist pumps and high-fives in an office full of Scots. The elation may not be entirely reciprocated.

    3. Don’t worry, Cook’s out and Starc’s hit some sort of rhythm to calm you down.

  6. Brad Haddin’s out for less than six times than the amount he dropped.


  7. Well, that seems like a weird day (just going by the scorecard). Is there a forecast for bad weather over the weekend? Were England in an undue hurry?

    But I.Ron Bell top scored, so all is well with the world again.

    1. Bit of rain around on Sunday, they say. But one gets the sense this is just the way England are going to play now, for better or worse.

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