Monty Panesar’s back

As in ‘returned’. He hasn’t got anklosing spondylitis or anything.

We’re frigging delighted about Monty Panesar being in England’s Ashes squad.

In a world of cynicism, underperformance and questionable motives, the man who literally jumps for joy at taking a wicket is king.


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9 Appeals

  1. That hover caption is ridiculously funny. Almost reconciles me to Monty’s return

  2. Which way is he heading in that photo?

  3. Monty hasn’t even overstepped there, that’s his idea of running between the wickets.

  4. Bert- he’s just jumped off the pavilion roof ( top right) and he’s coming in to land.

  5. The ankylosing spondylitis joke is back! As in “returned”, it’s not like- oh, wait. Anyway, hurrah.

  6. It’s like one of those fight scenes in The Matrix, with Monty just about to slam back-first into a concrete wall, leaving a huge dent. You remember, third test 2007. Day 2.

  7. Surely not evidence of a deliberate no ball in that photo, KC.

    Say it ain’t so, Mo.

  8. Not sure this idea of low-gravity cricket will catch on.

  9. I think the first men on the moon could throw the ball about 600yds and Flintoff could hit it a country mile

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