Mop-up of the day – our 2017 IPL expertise laid bare

Cricinfo is running an IPL quiz called Wait, which team does he play for?

We can’t work out whether this is a joke about the inherently transient nature of many Twenty20 competitions or an acknowledgement that ever-changing squads are all part of the fun.

We scored two out of ten, a score that wasn’t helped by the crazy scrolling that meant we didn’t actually answer two of the questions. Even if we had, it’s clear that we’re not an authority when it comes to this year’s competition.

The only thing we know is that after the teams have played roughly two games each, Chris Lynn is top scorer.

And now he’s injured.

Our IPL tip

Gujarat Lions are definitely worth watching. Despite the presence of wily old Praveen Kumar, they’ve so far taken one wicket in two matches.

Later this week

With Championship matches now typically taking place from Friday to Monday, midweek is a bit quiet, county-cricket-wise. We’re therefore permitting Laurence Elderbrook a brief reappearance on this site, possibly starting tomorrow.

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11 Appeals

  1. Bare IPL knowledge there, KC.

    I scored a lowly 3, mostly through guesswork, and answering one of the questions with another question.

    I have no idea how to pick a team to support in this tournament. Should I pick the one my favourite England player plays for? Wait until the first few games have been completed and attempt to take a running jump onto the bandwagon with the most momentum? Any other suggestions?

    • I’m supporting* Rising Pune Supergiant. Because they’re called Rising Pun Supergiant.

      *As with any Ipple team, my ‘support’ constitutes greeting any news with a shrug, then grumbling about it taking room on the UK Cricinfo main page away from the County Championship.

  2. All hail the return of Laurence Elderbrook.

    He is the quintessential bellend.

    Does Elderbrook wear a cap and shades? I’m keen to place him on my bellend/cap-shades venn:

  3. Yay! El-der-brook!El-der-brook!El-der-brook!

    (That was a chant in case it was not apparent.)

  4. Master Elderbrook’s golden era appears to be somewhat before my sometime but I understand he’s a collossal bell-end of a cricker and, moreover, of a man, and presume him to be the very reason the ban on mentioning the actual cricket in match reports was introduced.

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