Nasir Jamshed – official stance pending

Our toast is dry and the larder is empty. To the jam shed!

This is tricky. Nasir Jamshed’s made a fine start to his career, walloping a 48 ball 61 and now a 64 ball 74. The problem is that both innings have been against Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe aren’t actually a recognised cricket team.

We don’t recognise them, that is. Put the Zimbabwe cricket team in front of us and we could mistake them for a loganberry or a Dyson Airblade. We’d never have them down as a cricket team though. Never.

Even so, you can’t ignore Nasir Jamshed. Pakistan may vomit short-trousered debutants with clockwork regularity, but for every Mohammad Sami, there’s a Waqar Younis and for every Salman Butt, there’s a Saeed Anwar. You just can’t turn a blind eye, or even two myopic ones.

Consider Nasir Jamshed acknowledged, but not yet embraced.

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4 Appeals

  1. He also smashed 182 in the tour match, with 16 fours and 7 sixes. A promising start, certainly.

  2. His name is pronounced Naasir Jaamshedh . The “dh” is like the “th” in the.

  3. I’m not sure I can take any more of these strange spellings. Whatever happened to the Mike Smiths and Steve Jameses of this world?

    You knew where you were with those guys. The 1990s.

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