Nick Compton and some other people attempt to break ‘Everest record’

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Everest and Khumbu GlacierThat’s what the BBC say. What image does ‘Everest record’ conjure up? Are you imagining a group of people playing cricket on the Gorak Shep Glacier at 5,184m? No? Well, you should be, because that’s what they’re doing. (Actually, we reckon it’s the Khumbu Glacier – Gorak Shep appears to be just a town. Take THAT non-researching BBC journalists.)

It’s not quite a speed ascent of the world’s tallest mountain, but if you’ve ever attempted any sort of physical exercise (even walking) at any kind of altitude, you’ll know that this will be no mean feat.

There are 18 people going. Nick Compton, Graham Napier, Mark Wagh, Ryan Cummins and Steve Patterson are the professionals involved. They’ll be playing six-a-side matches of five overs each – or rather they’ll have played, because they were due to be playing on the 5th. It’ll be bloody cold and we don’t know what the pitch will be like. It’s probably safe to say that it won’t be a greentop.

The 18th person on the expedition will be a Sherpa guide who, according to the Professional Cricketers’ association, will be going to ‘make up the numbers’. He won’t be showing you all where you’re going and stopping people from dying then? If our experience is anything to go by, he’ll be doing this in flip-flops, with a wardrobe on his back, singing merrily.

The trip is being made to raise money for the PCA Benevolent Fund. The Benevolent Fund is part of the PCA’s commitment in helping current and former players and their dependants in times of hardship.


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  1. When we say ‘if you’ve ever attempted any sort of physical exercise (even walking) at any kind of altitude’ we don’t mean any altitude, obviously. Not sea-level, for example.

    Just thought we’d nip that one in the bud. We know what you’re all like.

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