Nottinghamshire v Durham Pro40 match report

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Jo-Fitz writes:

The eagerly awaited official switching-on of our new floodlights.

Rain. Bugger.

Not enough rain to get rained off (unfortunately, given the eventual result) but enough to turn the match into a mutant spawn ThirtyFive25.

I arrived at half time (sorry, came over all 5Live there) and marvelled at the way that the sun setting behind the Fox Road stand made Trent Bridge look like Centurion Park. Our new floodlights are damned lovely and a darned sight sexier than those at both the nearby Forest and County grounds.

I sat in the New Stand (still unnamed due to the lack of a willing sponsor) to get the best view of the floodlights, which in retrospect was a mistake as my chips got wet during the downpour in the second innings.

The rain looked pretty spectacular when backlit by the lovely new floodlights. These are going to be six columns of perpetual electric joy and wonder.

It's just a shower

Harmison S. signed a lot of autographs for the hoards of munchkins.

Harmison B. seemed to be on ball retrieving duty on the cover boundary and was conspicuously indifferent to no-one wanting his autograph.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Really noble of you to suffer damp chips to bring us that fab photo of the floodlights. Is a short sharp shower on order for each match so all can ooh and aah about backlit rain?

    I’d have been trampling the munchkins and braving indifference to get at the Harmisons

  2. I suggested to one of the big wigs from Notts that the new stand be called the HusseyPattinson stand.

    It was a short conversation.

  3. I now feel shame that at Canterbury 2 weeks ago I obtained the autograph in my Wisden of Harmison S but not that of Harmison B, despite the fact that the latter spent far longer lurking on the outfield. In my defence it was the only one I sought but I resolve to right this wrong next seas… oh! In 2010???

    PS despite my diminutive stature, I would like to confirm that I am not a munchkin and none were trampled in the acquisition of said autograph.

  4. Sarah, a munchkin-trampler you may not be, but there’s more than one way to shift a kid.

    From what I’ve seen, you’ve got pretty sharp elbows.

  5. Actually Mahinda, 668 (unbeknown to me) photographed the moment, so there is pictorial PROOF that we were standing on our own and no munchkin (or indeed anyone else) was injured in any way!


  6. Lordy, I’d missed this one being published. I was out last night watching Graeme Swann’s band playing at a bar near Trent Bridge.
    He called me a foxy brunette in front of a hundred or so people.
    He may have had his beer goggles on, but it’s kept me happy all day.

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