Real tennis paraphernalia in a cricket place

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Ged Ladd writes…

In January 2023, I played in a real tennis tournament at Lord’s, where I used the pavilion home team dressing room. 

On arrival, before lunch, I surveyed the room, then plonked my bags down on a suitable-looking place/seat. When I returned to change after lunch (a very tasty chicken and mushroom pie, seeing as you would ask), there was a small tour group being shown the changing room.

The tour guide explained that certain players favour certain seats as “their place” to change.  He indicated a couple of examples.

“Who likes to use my seat?” I asked, pointing at my kit.

“Oh, that’s pretty much always the captain’s seat,” said the guide.

“Honestly I had no idea,” I said. “I must be a natural born leader.”

“Enjoy the tennis tournament,” said the guide, over the laughter of the visitors.

It’s a pretty good view from the captain’s seat… I mean… my seat.

Despite the headline, my tennis paraphernalia was not actually entirely devoid of cricket content.

Some older folk are convinced that my ancient tennis racket bag is identical to junior cricket bags they had when they were kids. It is conceivable that the same canvas bags were sold for both purposes. I bet none of those guys ever accosted a famous politician with their canvas bag, though.

Also within my green kit bag was my “older than Rehan Ahmed” cricket troos from 2001, plus my white cricket jumper of similar vintage. It’s a bit nippy at Lord’s in January. Who knew?

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