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Shane Warne left an important part of his brain somewhere on a cricket field in Hampshire. It’s the part that stops you doing things that your 11-year-old self would have thought a good idea.

Here he is describing a painting he had commissioned.

Here’s the painting itself.

We’d love to know what this programme was and what else was covered. We’d particularly like to hear Warne talk us through the rest of his painting.

During the last Test, there was an unsually laboured spell of commentary in which Warne revisted his ‘Sherminator’ nickname for Ian Bell while working alongside Ian Botham. “He’s not the Sherminator any more,” said Warne. “He’s Stifler” – intending this as some form of bizarre compliment.

It’s a strange sort of 45-year-old whose favourite film is American Pie. It’s stranger still for someone that age to see Steve Stifler – a character who at one point refers to himself as ‘The Stifmeister’ – as being the hero.

Botham dealt with the situation by completely ignoring Warne, despite being asked direct questions on the matter on at least three separate occasions.

Beefy has rarely if ever before seemed so professional behind a microphone.

Thanks to Russell Jackson for pointing this video out.


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  1. Ah yes. Bruce Springsteen the well known cricket aficionado. I wonder if he’s got a painting of Shane Warne playing the guitar in his house.

  2. There is something quintessentially Australian about “Bruce and Shane chewing the fat about cricket”…

    …in a great work of art such as that one. It’s great to see that Shane has such sophisticated tastes; I would have expected nothing less of him.

    As for Beefy’s professionalism, I think it is always there. He is paid to be Beefy on Sky and he fulfils that role with commensurate professionalism. Indeed, failing to rise to Shane Warne’s bait is perhaps, within that construct, comparatively unprofessional on Beefy’s part. Beefy was probably, for once, actually lost for words – I don’t blame him.

  3. What a prize tool. All he does in his post-playing days is undermine his record/legend as a player. Which I suppose is par for the course these days.

    1. To be fair; between the blondes, the bookie, the T20 comebacks and the diuretics he was doing a good job of undermining his own record when he was a player.

  4. In other news, Dale Steyn’s returned!

    As in he’s playing an ODI, he’s not dissatisfied with his toaster and taking it back to the shop or anything.

    1. Never mind his back, I hear his hair is the main topic of all Steyn-related gossip right now?

  5. the horror… wonder what liz hurley ever saw in the guy? maybe he is hung like the proverbial donkey (although that may be where the comparison ends, since the average donkey probably has more taste than warnie)

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