Steven Smith’s bowling action

You can waste a hell of a lot of time deconstructing Steven Smith’s double-elbowed chicken dance bowling action.

We mentioned this to a friend of ours and he said, quite simply:

“I want to deconstruct Steven Smith’s face.”

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6 Appeals

  1. Well,I suppose it is no different to Johnie Wilko’s double fisted stance.

  2. Possible contender for the next ‘most detestably arrogant Australian’?

    Or is he just a little too boy band to carry this off?

  3. Finally! A sensible assessment of Steven Smith. Even now I have difficulties to look at his picture without flinching.

  4. Why does Steve Smith have a tampon string hanging out of his rump in the picture?

  5. Most detestably arrogant? Harsh on debutantes, aren’t we?

    Especially one that looks like a six-year-old who has just got his pocket money to go to the shop for his weekend lollies.

    At least Tim Paine looks like he’s just about got to high school.

  6. Watson is still the worst. This guy just looks like a doofus.

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