How Steve Smith makes the most of what he’s got

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We’ve not actually seen it yet, but we’re hearing great things about Quinton de Kock’s dismissal; that maybe it was the stupidest in a winter which has seen its fair share of stupid dismissals. It’s surely no coincidence that Steve Smith was the bowler.

Much is made of the fact that Steve Smith makes the most of his occasionally freakish batting technique. He also makes the most of what he has as a bowler.

Here is a list of Steve Smith’s bowling attributes:

The combination of these things appears to incense batsmen into rash behaviour. Many players seem intent on hitting Smith out of the attack just so that they don’t have to look at him any more. Then they flat-bat a full toss to midwicket.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I wish Nathan Lyon would stop holding his head after every single delivery.

    I much prefer Ryan Harris’s screwed up bottom half of face quizzical look (with optional chin hold).

    Does anyone else have any favorite “i’m putting you under pressure, honest” looks?

    1. If we are talking puzzled looks, I quite enjoy Broads “How have you managed to hit that half volley for 4?” look. Also Neil Wagner, who actually verges nearer to the “I dont know how you survived that, but if you survive the next ball, I am going to kill you”.

    2. I think Monty P does the best puzzled looks. More “shit did I do that” than “shit that was close”.

    1. I was overjoyed my Angus Fraser spot made it in last week and got the title. I did a little jig of delight…

  2. interesting how this blog used to question commentators describing Collingwood as making the most of what he’s got, while constantly doing the same for Smith’s batting. Like Smith, Collingwood’s technique was unorthodox but effective. He scored test runs. Like with the pundits and Collingwood, it’s a veiled insult to his batting.

    I am by no means a Smith or australian fan, but Smith is a test calibre batsman. Averaging 38 with 4 centuries, so why the constant illusion of surprise at his success?

    1. Funnily enough, we did actually write a Collingwood paragraph in the middle of this precisely because of the ‘makes the most of’ reference, but it made the piece a bit boring.

      Basically, the first ‘makes the most of’ in reference to his batting was meant as a compliment to serve as comedic contrast with the second ‘makes the most of’ which isn’t.

      That’s not clear though because we’ve never really written about Smith’s batting. Last the reader knew, we were vacillating and undecided.

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